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  TNBOM owner hits out at dodgy casino claims, again  
  Mr Liayer, head of The National Bank of Money which has it's headquarters in Warrington is 'disgusted' with claims that his casino is fixed. High rollers have 'rolled out of town' since the accusations made it to the local press and because of this business has been down by 48%.

"Our legal team will be contacting those making the claims and searching for compensation off those responsible for our loss in custom" said Liayer speaking at a press conference made at TNBOM HQ yesterday.

Customers first reported their suspicion on social media around 6 months ago, which was picked up when the same hashtag was used by the casino.

The search has well and truly began for the 'Man from Warrington' however due to nothing criminal taking place, the police will not get involved.

"We will be posting this news story and any updates on our own website to show our customers that we do not believe these comments to be true whatsoever" a spokesperson said on behalf of the company.

TNBOM's legal team are now in the process of setting up a case.

  People Chose The National Bank of Money  
  1 month ago  
  One of the biggest banks in the UK is on the up as they now look after over 1 million customers.

The National Bank of Money are celebrating and awarding all customers with 1,000,000 pence to share between them.
  Casino Fixing Rumours  
  5 months ago  

  The box above is actual live information and has no relevance to TNBOM ;)  

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